Designed for under served markets, the Endless Mini is packed with built-in sites and information gleaned from the Internet, so no connection is needed to get a lot of educational material.


The content can be updated when a connection is available.


I am fond of my $99 Endless PC, but no apparent upgrade path for the modified Linux O/S is a concern.


Those trying to install other apps are warned that non-Endless apps probably won’t work.


The company appears to be “re-focusing" efforts to get the O/S out into the world without the hardware. The little PCs have apparently not “broadened their base” as expected.


That said, the unit is still fun and productive! One can play movies and audio from a USB stick or do simple editing to photos.


There is a decent-enough word processor and my Brother laser printer worked just fine using the Endless HP driver. There is support for some scanners, but I have not tested that yet.


I bought a “work” PC and loaded it with only work-related software. I use the Endless for email, basic documents and news, etc. This helps keep the work PC off the Internet and away from adding more distractions than are already found in Windows 10.


So far, it has worked out well and is nice using a $99 PC with no fan noise or constant updates.


Read more at  You may also want to download the free O/S and try it on an older PC.